Genesee County

Situated at the half-way point between Buffalo and Rochester Batavia is the County seat, the location of the Genesee County Courthouse.  The New York State Thruway is spread across Genesee County with exits in the City of Batavia, (exit 48), Town of Pembroke (exit 48-A), and Town of LeRoy (exit 47).  Darien Lake theme park is located on the west side of the county and Tom frequently appears in this court representing clients charged with DWI offenses, drug offenses, public intoxication/disorderly conduct offenses , assault, and other penal law violations.
The Batavia City Court serves as the “hub” Court for the Veterans Court, DWI Court, Drug Court and Mental Health Court.  Cases from local criminal courts may be transferred to that court for disposition and may offer improved dispositions for those charged with Penal Law and Vehicle and Traffic Law misdemeanors and violations.
Courts located within Genesee County include:
     *Darien Town Court
     *Batavia City Court
     *Batavia Town Court
     *LeRoy Town Court
     *Stafford Town Court
     *Bergen Town Court
     *Oakfield Town Court
     *Pavilion Town Court
     *Alabama Town Court
     *Pembroke Town Court
     *Alexander Town Court
     *Corfu Village Court
     *Byron Town Court
     *Genesee County Court (in Batavia)

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